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On Being Republican, for my Republican Friends: My whole family is Republican. I have some knowledge about what it means to be Republican. It is not the same as being a Trumpist.

The Helpless Citizen: A scholarly research paper does statistical analysis saying the people are helpless against the superrich and the corporations. The data is invalid and the conclusion is without merit. This is another proof that statistics, masquerading as scientific insight, can support fantastical, paranoid belief systems.

The Trump-Sanders Wall versus the Ford Escort: Ford's decision to move all small car manufacturing to Mexico allows us to look at an example of how the Wall against International Trade promised by Trump and Sanders would really work.

Truth Inventor's Cookbook: Alt-Right Recipe #1: Describes the ingredients for inventing truth demonstrated in the preceding post on Trump's attention deficit disorder. Learn how to invent your own truths here.

Does Donald Trump's Attention Deficit Disorder Make Him Unfit to be President?: This is written in one of the styles for inventing truth that is used by Alternative Right journalists everywhere. Does not Donald Trump deserve a writeup just as honorable and truthful as the ones his journalistic backers dish out to Hillary?

Inequality and Political Corruption: A follow-on to the preceding Modest Proposal (read that first!), this is a response to a critique.

A Modest Proposal to Solve Inequality: Liberals tell us inequality is a big problem. It has a simple solution. Really simple.

Ironies in the Obsolete Gun Control Battle: Yes, the whole gun control argument is now irrelevant, regardless of your opinions and beliefs. Learn why here.

Donald Trump: An Artifact of Flawed Voting Algorithms: Haters like Trump could not win primaries if we used election systems that better captured the desires of the voters. Keep in mind that a majority of Republicans in the primary voted against Trump. We know how to stop haters. We just have to do it.

Brexit of Dreams: Standard news media either say Brexit is great or Brexit is awful. Could it be a little more complicated than that?

Trump versus Clinton for my Daughter: Published before I started the blog, this compares Trump and Clinton so my daughter can make a more informed choice. Yes, they are both awful. Deciding which one is more awful requires point by point comparison on each of the major issues in this election cycle. A decision analysis table is included.